LPC International has a reputation for producing freight transportation solutions that work. Its capability is based on two main strengths: the range of skills and experience of its specialist team and the systems employed to develop solutions.

The backgrounds of key team members include line management experience to main board level, research, transport modelling, training, and, of course, consultancy. Their experience also covers the operational and engineering aspects of the major modes of freight transport.

LPC International undertakes computer modelling of road transport operations at strategic, tactical and operational levels including depot location and fleet size and mix issues. Distribution audits, strategic benchmarking, operational and engineering facilities layout and design are undertaken. Other projects involve maintenance and funding decisions, environmental audits, and multi-modal transport studies.

Other projects include appraisal and design of working methods or remuneration systems, quantification of key performance indicators (KPI’s), and operational benchmarking. Vehicle specification and selection, transport operations and fleet management systems, fuel, tyre and maintenance management, health, safety, environmental and quality issues, and intermodal transport can also be addressed.

LPC International assists clients involved with outsourcing decisions including contract specification design, writing invitations to tender, tender evaluation, contract negotiation and implementation. The practice also works with Government departments on research and investigative tasks that have significant input into policy on sustainable freight transport and distribution at the national level.

LPC International offers clients excellence in freight transport solutions. In each case, the approach adopted is tailored to the needs of the client. Projects are often followed by implementation of the necessary changes.

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