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ABS Profiling and Analysis Tool

Welcome to LPC: Logistics, Supply Chain & Warehouse Design Consultants

Logistics and Warehousing is an important part of your business and has been at the heart of our business for over 30 years we cover a range of services: Supply Chain Strategy and Management, Transport Solutions and Warehouse Design.

Providing expert advice, project management and consultancy in logistics, supply chain and warehousing for retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and 3PLs in the UK and worldwide.

We are specialists in providing solutions to logistical problems, from improving utilisation and efficiency in existing operations, re-engineering facilities, to design of new warehousing, DCs distribution and assembly facilities.  We help you to reduce costs, increase capacity and improve efficiency by planning and optimising your supply chain, facility design and layout, materials handling, and operational processes.

Established in 1984, our experience and expertise include space planning, utilisation and capacity improvement, optimising productivity, warehouse automation, warehouse management and control systems, as well as distribution facility design.

To find out how we can help you maximise your warehouse and logistics, you can make an enquiry using our contact page, or book a No Cost, No Obligation Warehouse Health Check.

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ABC profilng and analysis tool

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How To Balance Efficiency With Social Distancing In Your Warehouse

Many warehouse-based businesses are now reopening following months of lockdown or partial activity, while others are having to adapt existing processes to protect their workforce and keep operations running smoothly. If this applies to your business and you’re keen to get back to normal operations as soon as possible, there are several ways to prevent coronavirus from spreading in warehouses, without sacrificing productivity.

Back To Work? How To Make Your Supply Chain Covid-Secure

In 1666, the Derbyshire village of Eyam suffered an outbreak of plague that claimed the lives of 260 inhabitants, allegedly after a contaminated package of cloth arrived from disease-riddled London. This primitive supply chain may not reflect the dangers posed by Covid-19 – unlike the fleas that were responsible for the Eyam tragedy, transmission of Coronavirus through the shipping of goods is unlikely – but nevertheless, it demonstrates that modern supply chains need to take preventive actions to minimise the risk of the current-day pandemic. How do you do this while returning to normal and profitable working patterns?

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