Productivity in an operation is driven by many elements. Improving productivity means reviewing each element and optimising it. No one has an ideal warehouse and unless you are lucky enough to be looking at a new facility the scope to tackle some of the elements can be limited. However, LPC is of the view that just because you have constraints on your operation – old building, doors in the wrong place, IT systems etc., does not mean that you cannot improve your productivity. If you can’t change what you have, you can change how you use it.

The elements of the operation that are facility dependent such as design, layout and material flow generally require a re-engineering exercise to investigate and identify opportunities for improvement.

The elements that are activity related are productivity driven and apply to virtually all operations. Potential improvements in productivity can be split into three categories:

  • Product Location and Slotting
  • Workflow and Resource Planning
  • Order Management and Fulfilment
  • Automation

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Product Location and Slotting

A key driver of productivity is the location of products. If you can locate products in the correct locations in such a way that you reduce the amount of travel walking involved in the picking operation you will increase your productivity. LPC can help you with the following:

  • Location Map
    Define movement areas and appropriate movement routes
  • Categorise Products
    Profile the SKUs by speed of movement (ABC) and allocate accordingly
  • Manage New Products
    Allocate locations, monitor and review to determine sales profile and optimum location
  • Location Size
    Optimise the size of the pickface, distances travelled and replenishment frequency


ABC Profiling and analysis tool long CTA