Re-engineering of Existing

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LPC International can help clients to re-engineer existing facilities, to increase storage capacity and product range capability, improve productivity, map existing processes, install new work procedures and warehouse management systems and importantly, reduce costs.

It is often the case that the life of an old facility can be and sometimes needs to be extended to allow a new facility to be acquired. Sometimes with the right equipment, processes and material flows a move is not needed.

Consultancy Support and Design

A smaller operation will still encounter many of the issues and problems of a larger operation. Alternatively, a company may want to improve the knowledge and capability of their operational team.

LPC can provide consultancy support to improve the warehouse layout and operation by working on site with the warehouse manager and senior team. A senior consultant will audit the operation and facility advising on the options for everything logistically or operationally related and work with you to produce the solution to your problems, and opportunities!

The warehouse layout may be a legacy that is experiencing diminishing efficiencies or simply that it is required to achieve greater capacity and or throughput. Warehouse enhancement might simply be a project to reduce costs and raise service levels. Whatever the requirements we can advise on a host of initiatives for the short term to the longer-term planning to improve warehouse efficiency.

What Does It Mean To Re-Engineer A Warehouse And What Does It Entail?

Re-engineering is the process of changing your current operation and set up to meet your current or future needs and business objectives. It usually starts with a need being identified –e.g. to increase storage capacity, improve productivity, reduce costs. However, the scope and ramifications will vary.

Re-engineering a facility is almost always cheaper than moving, provided what you require can be done. Don’t forget that physical changes are only one element, operational processes and IT systems are others, as are elements that are impacted or are affected by the warehouse operation such as purchasing and sales.


If you think you have the need to Re-Engineer your facility you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

Operational Layout
– Does the warehouse flow without constraints?
– Are materials straightforward and optimised?

ABC Classification
– Are your SKU’s correctly allocated?
– Are your product flows minimalised?
– Are you experiencing congestion areas?

Business Changes
– Do you need to accommodate new customers?
– Is there a requirement for increased picking?
– Introduce a packing operation to support e-commerce?

Storage Requirements
– Do you have the right storage media for the application?
– Is the storage layout optimised?
– Is it flexible and cater for growth?
– Are you getting efficient utilisation?

– Can physical changes be made to the facility?
– Can the facility be extended?
– What impact will growth have on operational life left in the warehouse?
– Is there opportunity to physically reformat the warehouse?

Storage Equipment/Media
– Is the storage media still fit for purpose?
– Does the type and layout of media meet future requirements?
– Is the space and height used – is there efficient use of the cube?
– Are you achieving industry standard KPI’s?

– Is the warehouse meeting KPI’s?
– Benchmark against industry standards
– Are you meeting orders?
– Are you being forced to double handle or search for items
– Do you have the right resource allocation?

If you know the questions you would like answers to, invite a fresh pair of eyes to look at your facility. LPC can tell you what you can achieve, and in a live operating environment how it can be done.