Every warehouse has operational processes. These need to be defined and standardised to effectively manage the warehouse and to improve the operation by:

  • Measuring efficiency
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing errors and improve quality

    LPC can help you improve your operation by helping you to define and improve your processes by:

    • Mapping your Processes:
      For each activity identify the steps and requirements and the links to preceding and subsequent processes to cover all the operations
    • Validating and Benchmarking your operation:
      Assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the process against what could be achieved and identifying the potential gains in productivity
    • Re-designing and re-engineering:
      Changes to the operation by introduction of new layouts or methods or equipment to realise the potential gains in productivity identified
    • Producing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):
      The instructions that will assist with the implementation of best practice throughout the operation and the training of operatives


    Every warehouse has a system to manage the operation. It might be a paper or excel based system, or part of your ERP or business systems, or a dedicated warehouse management system. Whatever system is used it needs to:

    • Assist the operation, not constrain
    • Provide information and data to assist managing the operation
    • Have the functionality to support an efficient and productive operation



      If your existing system is not supporting your operation LPC can help you identify your needs and assist in enhancing your existing systems or identifying and procuring new by:

      • System and Process Mapping:
        Detail the steps in each operational process and determine the system interaction and capability
      • Functionality Matrix and Gap Analysis:
        A listing of existing and potential improved functionality requirements, assessing desirability and the gap between existing and desired capability
      • FDS:
        Assisting with production of a Functional Design Specification setting out what the system should deliver
      • RFP / ITT:
        Producing tender documentation and providing technical assistance and assessment and advice of responses
      • Implementation:
        Support with testing and implementation and go live