Our Other Specialist Services

When providing its Search & Selection service, LPC’s primary objective is to ensure the client and candidate are suitably matched. To achieve this, LPC fully discusses the requirements of the client and produces a detailed job description, as well as gaining a thorough understanding of the candidate’s career ambitions and goals. LPC can then provide an efficient and effective service based upon one of the methods below.

Database Search

  • LPC has a growing database of candidates covering all roles associated with logistics and supply chain management.
  • Having thoroughly discussed the requirements with our client, we search the database against carefully selected criteria.
  • All selected candidates can be met by LPC if required.
  • A shortlist of suitable candidates is prepared and presented to the client.
  • Interviews are arranged, on behalf of the client, by LPC.
  • Interviews are conducted by the client and the assignment concluded when a successful appointment has been made.


  • LPC can advertise on behalf of the client when requested.
  • LPC can prepare the copy and choose the most appropriate media.
  • Any advertising discounts available to LPC are passed on, in full, to the client.
  • LPC can collate the response, conduct initial interviews and present a shortlist of suitable candidates to the client.
  • Subsequent interviews can be arranged, on behalf of the client, by LPC.
  • These are conducted by the client and the assignment completed when a successful appointment has been made.

Executive Selection

  • A shortlist of candidates is prepared using either the executive search and/or advertising methods. Initial interviews are conducted by LPC and a shortlist is prepared for second interviews.
  • LPC utilises its comprehensive range of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to further interview candidates to determine, in detail, the technical and professional competence of the applicants. The appropriate SMEs are properly qualified to fully evaluate the experience, skills and capabilities.
  • A detailed report is prepared by LPC regarding candidate suitability for presentation to, and discussion with the, client.
  • LPC introduces the selected candidate(s) to the client for a final interview.

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