Our Other Warehousing Services:

Equipment Procurement

There is a multiplicity of mechanical handling equipment options available from manual trollies and trucks up to fully automated systems, from free path to conveyors and fixed rail and overhead systems. There are also different ways of controlling and guiding equipment from manual control single operation, to multi leaved automated systems.

Whatever MHE is selected it must be integrated with the picking and storage systems used, with the warehouse operation and with the material and people flows. When designing / re-engineering a warhouse LPC consider in detail all the requirements of the operation, not just the MHE requirements.

In this approach we consider for instance, material flows, movement, storage or picking, the available area and identify and specify the correct truck for the operational functions from pallet movement to pallet putaway /retrieval to picking of cases or eaches and then whether a man up or man down operation.

The process starts with identifying the material flows, the unit loads to be moved and the frequency of movement. When the requirements have been established the potential options can be considered and the costs and benefits can be determined. It should not be forgotten that while there is the range of equipment available to make best use of the footprint and height of existing buildings, the best MHE for your operation will likely determine the size and shape of a new building if you have that opportunity.