Our Other Supply Chain Services

Trunking Networks

LPC are able to undertake the detailed modelling required to optimise your network.

LPC will optimise the movement of product from one location to another, for example, back-loading from supplier to a factory location, as part of a distribution operation. Trunking modelling can even be extended to include “via” points to represent:

  • Where loads are staged for onward movement by another resource
  • Empty container drop or collection
  • Tanker or pot wash between loads to avoid cross contamination

Trunking modelling allows the closer modelling of real life and finds ways to optimise distribution across the country.

Vehicle Scheduling

Accurate and detailed resourcing and costing of shortlisted scenarios or supply chain alternatives

Accurate and detailed resourcing and costing including determination of the size and composition of the vehicle fleet

Carbon footprint reduction initiatives

Sensitivity testing

Vehicle Scheduling

Optimising Fixed Routes

If your existing backbone routes are outdated, LPC will remodel them in order to optimise the routes and dependencies

Other Uses of our modelling and expertise include:-

– Optimal location and job allocation to engineers or sales force

– Optimal location and job allocation of breakdown rescue vehicles

– Optimal locating of health service functions and fleet requirements such as blood and sterilisation of instruments

– Providing detailed resourcing requirements and costs for 3PLs to use when responding to Invitations To Tender