The LPC ABC Profiling and Analysis Tool is designed to help companies without dedicated full warehouse management systems or the right IT systems for their warehouse to improve their productivity by helping them to locate SKUs in the optimum locations.

The model runs in Microsoft Excel so is easily understandable to anyone already familiar with excel.

The model is designed to:

  • Identify ABC movers for your product range using activity – order lines /accessions. (Note it will also work with quantities if required
  • Match SKU demand to your location map
  • Suggest SKUs to relocate
  • Identify SKUs that have changed category due to stock-outs rather than falling demand – therefore avoiding unnecessary moves and identify potential areas of lost sales
  • Identify SKUs with excessive stock cover in the pick face

The model is very configurable and can be personalised to your warehouse.  For example a typical pareto is 80 : 20 – 80% of demand is generated from 20% of the SKUs, you’re A movers.  However your pareto or racking zone configuration might have only 18% A’s.  The model can be configured to work with the 18% or any other appropriate figure.

The model requires a sales file (weekly, monthly etc.) and a stock file.  It works by comparing the current SKU profiles against the previous period’s profiles.

Differences are highlighted as suggested moves which can then be evaluated, other factors such as seasonality, stock holding and current storage Zone can be taken into account and a list of moves generated to be actioned by the system controlling or supporting your warehouse operation.

ABC profilng and analysis tool - large CTA