Auditing and Benchmarking

“Leads to Long-Term Competitiveness”

LPC International conducts detailed audits of logistical performance, productivity and resource allocation. By benchmarking against competitors and industry standards it identifies opportunities for improvements and cost savings.

Graphical Information Systems (GIS)

Mapping techniques support logistical decision making. Powerful geographic information systems are employed by LPC International to compile, analyse and visualise data in a spatial context.

Previously unrecognised relationships and patterns are discerned, opening up access to invaluable management information.

Project Management, Implementation and Commissioning

LPC International offer a complete concept to completion service which has led to the building up of the skills and experience to support a client in the implementation and commissioning phases of a project.

LPC is frequently retained to work as the client representative within a design and construction team – and during the fitting out, equipping and commissioning phases – to ensure that the end user requirements are fully met on time, within budget and strictly according to specification.

Our highly experienced staff have been retained as Engineer to Contract for the installation and commissioning of complex automated handling systems working with the contractor and the client to sign off the system performance against the contract.