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Warehouse & Logistics Optimisation & Re-Engineering

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Warehouse Improvements Re-engineering



The warehouse layout may be a legacy that is experiencing diminishing efficeincies or simply that it is required to achieve greater capacity and or throughput. Warehouse enhancement might simply be a project to reduce costs and raise service levels. Whatever the requirements we can advise on a host of inititaives for the short term to the longer term planning to improve warehouse efficiency.

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  • Can physical changes be made to the facility?
  • Can the facilty be extended?

Storage Requirements

  • If an existing facility, is the storage media still fit for purpose?
  • Does the type and layout of media meet future requirements?
  • Is the space and height used for efficeient use of cube?
  • Are you achieving industry standard KPI's


  • What operational life is left in the warehouse?
  • Is their opportunity to physically reformat the warehouse?


  • Want to reduce costs?
  • Minimise risks?
  • Introduce Best Practice
  • Improve Productivity
  • Optimise Space and Resource Utilisation


  • Is the warhouse meeting KPI's?
  • Benchmark against industry standards
  • Are you meeting orders?
  • Are you being forced to double handle or search for items
  • Do you have the right resource allocation?

Storage Requirements

  • Do you have the right storage media for the application?
  • Is the storage layout optimised?
  • Is it flexible and cater for growth?
  • Are you getting efficient utilisation?

Operational Layout

  • Does the warehouse flow without constraints?

ABC Classification

  • Are your sku's correctly allocated?
  • Are your product flows minimalised?
  • Are you experiencing congestion areas?